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Budget Update

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The Mount Greylock administration is evaluating fiscal year seventeen earlier than past years. The administration tries to take into account the situation of the building, costs from each curriculum, expanding programs, while leaving room for unexpected costs. The building is an exceptionally important topic this upcoming year in preparation for developments. A building team will need to section off parts of the school  to begin their building project. The building’s quick degradation will also draw some costs to maintain the safety of the school. Principal Mary MacDonald asked all of the curriculum leaders what their needs will be for next year. These include textbooks or online programs, software, supplies/materials, equipment, or other needs. Supplies are resources that will dwindle throughout the year, like pencils. Equipment is permanent objects, like a microscope, software, and technology focused equipment, like laptops. Also, MacDonald asks if they need any professional development needs. MacDonald is looking into further program developments. She recently sent every student a survey to see who would be interested in a Javascript class by collaborating with MCLA. She is also toying with the idea of an Engineering class. The goal is to have a feel of this year financially, determining where there are savings or costs. For example, this year has been incredibly warm for the beginning of winter, a major save in paying for heating. MacDonald is also happy for Williams College grant money. This money is directed to field trips, like the recent US History field trip to Williams College Museum of Art, as well as new books and supplies. The administration, as MacDonald explained, needs to have a feel of the communities when making financial choices, “We can’t have a budget not in line with what communities can handle, yet at the same time we need to ask for what students need.” Since the communities are already paying for building reparations, the administration needs to be careful what they ask for. Mrs. MacDonald has a meeting on the 23rd of December with the District Office and by January 19th, preliminary figures will be made public.

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Budget Update