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Students Receive Awards

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Students Receive Awards

Owen Tucker-Smith, Editor-in-Chief

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Monday marked the date of Mount Greylock’s 2018 recognition night. Similar to last year, the event was held in the school cafeteria at 7:00. Below is the list of award recipients.

2018 Mount Greylock Recognition Night Award Recipients

Department Awards (9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade recipients)

Art: Olivia Winters, Alexis Yarter, Shaelyn Roberts

Business & Technology: Mia VanDeurzen, Julia Jammalo, Christian Vorhies

Music & Performing Arts: Priya D’Souza, Nima Darafshi, Grace Miller

Wellness: Hannah Gilooly, Brandon Fahlenkamp, Marley Buffis

Latin: Ruth Weaver, Xavier Vilaubi, Cole Kuster

Spanish: Finn Elingwood, Tarryn Gaherty, Sage Bohl

Social Studies:

  • Booker T. Washington Award (9th Grade): Finn Elingwood
  • Leonardo da Vinci Award (10th Grade): Mitchell Jezoit
  • Eleanor Roosevelt Award (11th Grade): Sophie Jones

Theater: Ruth Weaver, Julia Donati, Colette Stapp

Mathematics: Carolyn Jones, Khushi Devre, Luke Swann

Science: Carolyn Jones, Julia Jammalo, Sonya Carrizales

English: Clarissa McWeeny, Julia Butler, Colette Stapp

Volunteering: Domenic Paris, Lily Edge, Samantha Trybus

Athletic Awards

9th Grade: Jacqueline Wells, Malcolm Waynick

10th Grade: Helen Greenfield, Toby Foehl

11th Grade: Maddison Albert, Jesse Seid

Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Awards:

  • Sportsmanship: Finn Welch
  • Wellness: Lauren Jacobbe
  • Service: Karen McComish
  • Leadership: Maddison Albert

Junior Book Awards

  • Colette Stapp (Williams)
  • Alison Howard (St. Lawrence)
  • Katrina Hotaling (Rochester)
  • Joseph Soza-Foias (Rochester)
  • Jakin Miller (Cornell)
  • Michael Maruk (Russell Sage)
  • Shaelyn Roberts (Russell Sage)
  • Taylor Callahan (Western New England)
  • Sophie Jones (Smith)
  • Domenic Paris (Clarkson)
  • Jesse Seid (Clarkson)
  • Josephine Dalsin (Dartmouth)
  • Maddison Albert (Williams)
  • Theodore Sandstrom (Rensselaer)
  • Gio Cavalli (St. Michael’s)
  • Lauren Jacobbe (St. Michael’s)
  • Samantha Trybus (St. Anselm)
  • Evan Sheridan (MCLA)
  • Sage Bohl (Elmira)

Greylock Way Award

Grade 9: Mariko Bolton, Elizabeth Dupras, Hannah Gilooly, Mia VanDeurzen, Gina Wang

Grade 10: Brandon Fahlenkamp, Helen Greenfield, Owen Tucker-Smith, Anna Welch

Grade 11: Maddison Albert, Lauren Jacobbe, Michael Maruk, Karen McComish

Greylock Top Scholar Award

Grade 9: Michael Faulkner, Oscar Low, Charles McWeeny, Victoria Melkonyan, Jacqueline Wells

Grade 10: Madeline Art, Miriam Bakija, Julia Donati, Kathryn Pfister, Owen Tucker-Smith

Grade 11: Maddison Albert, Josephine Dalsin, Katrina Hotaling, Jakin Miller, Theodore Sandstrom

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Students Receive Awards