Class of 2019 Selects Superlatives


Owen Tucker-Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Recently, the Mount Greylock class of 2019 voted on their class superlatives. The results, released last week, are below.

Best Eyes: Michael Wellspeak & Margo Smith

Best Dressed: Luke Swann & Sophie Jones

Best Hair: Tyler Carnevale & Lizzie Paglier

Most Likely to go Pro: Cole Kuster & Maddie Albert

Most Likely to Travel the World: Gio Cavalli & Avery Powers

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: Jacob Fink & Cate Cangelosi

Best Laugh: Theo Sandstrom & Brook Masse

Most Likely to Work at Mount Greylock: Walker Niemeyer & Taylor Callahan

Most Likely to Win a Grammy: Taylor Cummings & Caroline Hadley

Most Artistic: Jared Whitman & Shaelyn Roberts

Class Mom and Dad: Nick Belouin & Marley Buffis

Most Likely to Become a Politician: Adam Cohen & Karen McComish

Most Likely to Be on Broadway: James Fisher & Grace Miller

Most Likely to Be an Evil Scientist: Christian Voorhies & Cathy McPartland