Mounties Find Success in Northern Berkshire Hockey Co-op

Alex Wilson, Staff Writer

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This year Mount Greylock’s hockey players have joined Drury High School to form a perfect storm for winning. One of the best teams in Western Massachusetts this season, their last three wins of this winter season demonstrate that this hockey combination is a mix of nerve, smarts, and game. Adding other schools such as Hoosac Valley and McCann Tech to the co-op solidified the excellence of North Berkshire’s reputation on the ice.  

This year’s mix of veteran and new players have only added to the ongoing success of the Drury Blue Devils (DBD). The DBD started the year ensuring their place in the winner circle by beating the Chicopee Racers 5-3, followed by their next victory against Mt. Everett 4-1. Sam Garvey was quick to comment that their success is based not only on talent but great coaching: “our coaches do pretty well by us and have done a lot for the team – and I know they will help us do good this season,” said Garvey.

Another key ingredient adding to the success of the DBD is teamwork, an upheld value between the players from the various North Berkshire schools. Said Garvey, “when we have to practice everybody goes out there and works out to get better. I think that if we work hard and stay focused we are going to do very well this season!”   

Excellence from Finn and Toby Ellingwood, Sam Garvey, and Evelyn Fuls demonstrate the Mounties’ important role on the team, with Toby Ellingwood scoring goals against Mount Everett and Chicopee.

The DBD plays next against Mt Everett (1/19), Southwick Tolland (1/23), and Easthampton (1/30).