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Student Council Addresses Playlist Guidelines, Engages in Service Projects

Jackie, Wells

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The Greylock Student Council has spent the last months focusing on various student concerns. One topic of discussion has been guidelines for the playlists that multiple fall and spring sports teams play on the speakers while warming up. Generally, the teams make a list of songs which then get looked over by the athletic director to get approved. Tenth grade student council member Carolyn Jones said that a student council member talked to Coach von Holtz about the playlist specifications. They learned that it was the parents who had the biggest objections to the music. As a member of the subcommittee working on this issue, Jones said that the subcommittee is going to “continue looking into it and try to help develop a written out list of specific rules for playlists.” Their goal is to create a set of expectations that will satisfy both parent and student expectations and avoid issues of inconsistency.

In addition to the subcommittee on team playlists, there is also an active subcommittee on student stress relief. Last year its members biggest project was working to keep directed study and this year they continue to look for ways to help make school less stressful and feel more manageable for students.

After learning that there was a need in the school community, members recently put together hygiene kits. After junior members Toby Foehl and Charlotte Rauscher found the supplies online, the council unanimously voted to spend some of their funds on toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, combs, shampoo, floss, and soap. Spending a little extra time after one meeting, the members set up an assembly line and packaged dozens of bags, which are available in the nurse’s office for anyone who may need one.

Senior Cammi Macuch commented that “student council can seem pretty under the radar, but we’re proud to be the voices of the student body and help create things like the hygiene kits.”

Another service oriented project of the student councils has been the food drive. Students were encouraged to bring in non-perishables and student council members visited directed studies to collect the items. Student council president Ella Dudley and Vice President Maddie Albert brought many bags and boxes to Berkshire Food Project. “We are so proud to contribute to our community with both our food drive as well as kits for less fortunate community members,” said sophomore Charlotte Sanford.

The Student Council also recently upgraded their social media presence with the creation of an instagram account in hopes to make it easier for students to reach out with concerns or questions and also to help keep the community informed on their current projects.

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Student Council Addresses Playlist Guidelines, Engages in Service Projects