Boys’ Lacrosse Regular Season to Open Tonight

Sam Whittum, Sports Editor

Now into the third week of spring sports, the boys lacrosse team has been training hard as their first seasonal games approach. Like always, the team has to adjust to the loss of last year’s seniors, as well as the addition of new Varsity players. With a wide range of grades on Varsity, the team did well for their first scrimmage at East Longmeadow last week, playing against tough teams. They lost to Lasalle Academy and Longmeadow, but won against East Longmeadow. The senior captains, David Falk, Toby Ellingwood, Michael Wellspeak, and Taylor Cummings, all agreed that “the team can use the scrimmage to learn from for the next games.”

The boys were supposed to have another opportunity to play at Chicopee, but the scrimmage unfortunately was cancelled.

As for the rest of the season, senior captain Michael Wellspeak said that, “our goal this year is to play hard and work well together, so that we can make it to Western Mass.” The team’s first seasonal game is on April 8th at Mt. Anthony at 4:30.