Student Council Prepares for New Year

Ava Howard, Staff Writer

Greylock’s high school student council is now over a month into the 2019-20 academic year. Mount Greylock students are encouraged to talk to members of the student council and contribute their own ideas. At the club fair in Mid-September, the student council provided slips of paper to write advice on. 

In the past, student council has taken actions aimed at improving improved issues at Greylock. “We’ve made hygiene kits with shampoo and toothbrushes for kids that didn’t have access to them and put them in the nurse’s office,” president Toby Foehl said. They also added a second microwave in the cafeteria and led the school’s book drive. 

This year, student council is planning to assist both teachers and students at Mount Greylock. So far this year, the council read through the slips from the club fair at their meeting and considered new ideas, such as outdoor water fountains for athletes. “We are also working on getting a square of blacktop by the outdoor lunch tables for recreational lunch games on the lawn,” Tashi Rai added. With the assistance of the SEE fund, hopefully this plan can be brought to action and students can have access to a basketball hoop and other activities.

Since it is still the beginning of the school year, the student council is still sorting and figuring out exactly what they are planning to do.