The NFL Returns

John Skavlem, Sports Editor

As fall ushers in cooler weather and brightly colored leaves, so too arrives the beginning of sports seasons across the country. 

As many Mount Greylock student-athletes can attest, there was a large amount of uncertainty surrounding the status of both high school and professional sports.

No one knew if fall sports would be able to commence amid the pandemic. This doubt was felt at both the local and national level, as many American sports fans had one question in particular on their minds as fall drew closer: would there be a NFL season? 

The National Football League is an important part of American culture. Over 100 million people tuned in to watch last year’s Super Bowl worldwide, with the majority of the viewership hailing from the United States. In previous years, it was estimated that 67 percent of all homes in the United States watched the Super Bowl.With such astounding numbers, it is clear that football, in particular, is an important sport to the nation. 

Students at Greylock, even, are looking forward to the upcoming season. 

The return of America’s game also brings a sense of normalcy in a time when such a concept seems impossible. 

As well as watching the bi-weekly games, Americans are once again able to engage in fantasy football leagues, another form of entertainment that countless Mount Greylock students partake in. One can hear students rave about how many points their players earned over the weekend. 

With the lack of social interaction and other forms of entertainment, the return of American football is something that the nation can rally around. 

The impact of the league has gone beyond just football, though. Many NFL stars have been using their platform to oppose racial injustice in America. Many teams and coaching staff have been wearing Black Lives Matter patches during games. 

The positive developments within the league and its return as a whole have brought the nation many reasons to be thankful that football is back.