MIAA Approves a “Fall II” Season


Image Courtesy of The Berkshire Eagle

If you’re still disappointed about losing your chance to compete in your fall sport, don’t despair. With “Fall II” on the horizon, there may be hope after all. 

This fall, students who wished to participate in football, volleyball,  unified basketball, or soccer missed out on the opportunity to compete. Because of the pandemic, Greylock made the decision to only offer competitive golf and cross-country in the fall. However, athletes who didn’t get a chance to play their sport this fall may have a chance to compete in “Fall II.”

This new athletic season would take place between the winter and spring sports season — from March 8th to April 30th. The MIAA recently approved Fall II, as coronavirus cases are trending lower. Similar to the traditional fall season, each sport would have to have “pods” of 5-10 athletes who would train together throughout the entire season. Anyone in one pod wouldn’t be allowed to come in contact with anyone from another pod. Each athlete would be required to wear a facemask and locker rooms would remain unavailable throughout the season. There would also be no MIAA sponsored post-season.

“We made adjustments in the fall and had a successful first season. We made additional modifications for the winter and our student-athletes have been actively engaged since December. Now we are hopeful that with the guidance from the Governor’s office and of EEA, along with the work of our various committees, that we will be able to have a safe and successful Fall II Season,” said Jeffery Granatino, the MIAA president. 

There is no guarantee that “Fall II” I will happen, however. Although the MIAA did approve it, each individual highschool in Berkshire County must first decide whether or not they will offer Fall II sports. There also has to be enough demonstrated interest from students. Student athletes may be much less enthusiastic about participation considering there will be no postseason and teams will be separated into pods. The fact that the season will start in the cold, damp days of March may also diminish interest. It’s also possible some athletes who compete in winter and spring sports may want a break to focus on academics in between those two seasons. 

A decision regarding the status of “Fall II” should be made in the coming weeks.