February 25, 2021 Print Edition

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In This Issue: 

News & Features:

  • Greylock to Begin Covid-19 Testing
  • 1 in 650: An Interview with Nick Duda
  • An Overview of January “Zoom Bombing”
  • Newly Approved MOA Leads to Return to Hybrid
  • The Williams College Capital Gift Five Years Later
  • Project 351 Ambassadors Announced
  • Cheating Under Remote Learning
  • SEE Fund Awards $34,000 in Grants
  • AP Exams Undergo Changes
  • Working Parents Adjust to Teaching During Pandemic
  • What Should We Be Reading Now?
  • A Look Back at Greylock: Alumni Interviews
  • ‘Zoom Bombings’ Trigger New Security Protocols


  • Winter Sports fun Brief
  • Athlete Spotlight: Col McDermott
  • “Fall 2:” Your Questions, Answered


  • A Look at 1960s Fashion — And TikTok?
  • Review: Love and Monsters
  • Warner Brother’s Move and Its Local Effects
  • A Bite at the Break Room