2021 Eggplant Print Edition

In This Issue: 

Snews & Spoofs:

  • Is a “Burdick Dynasty” Imminent?
  • 1 in 650: An Interview With the Empty Band Room
  • Classes to Finish Out Third Quarter with “Lord of the Flies” Themed Units
  • Fitness Scores Skyrocket as Testing Day Move Online
  • Cohort Wars
  • Mount Greylock Regional School Opts to Make All Zoom Links Public
  • Six COVID-19 Problems and Possible Solutions, One Year Later
  • Retitling The Harry Potter Series, Because I can
  • College Board Recruits at Greylock for Pyramid Scheme
  • Editor-in-Chief McWeeny Goes on Wild Rampage
  • Sudoku (Easy)
  • A Brief History of the “Mountie”