Mount Greylock Returns to Fully In-Person Learning

Arthur Millet , Staff Writer

On Wednesday, April 28th, Mount Greylock Regional School reopened five days a week to all middle school students. On May 3rd, high school students were also welcomed back fully in-person. Students can now either come to school in person every day or continue the year from home. 

“It’s great having students back in school five days a week. It’s obviously a little tricky with more students in the room and having remote [students] too, but I love seeing everyone.” said history teacher Andrew Agostini. Having students back in five days a week definitely has its advantages, including less time spent looking at a screen. 

There have been several changes to the typical school day to adjust for full capacity. First, instead of using regular desk tables, most classrooms are equipped with smaller tray tables with little or no desk tables left. In addition, only three feet of social distancing are required now instead of six. The schedules have also been changed: there are now two different lunches and classes are 44 minutes with four minutes of passing time.

Some classes, like band, have also changed in many ways since everyone came back. Instead of having a small group lesson once a week, there are two full band lessons twice a week during directed study. In addition to that there is a small group lesson with instrument groups once a week during another class. “Students almost instantly seemed to be performing with more confidence once they were back with their peers,” said band director Ms. Vinette.

“For many students, being in school in person is so beneficial both academically and socially,” said science teacher Ms. Strizzi. “I feel as though the school community is going above and beyond to make the best of an unusual situation.” 

Some students have a different viewpoint. “I thought that it was alright but it is kind of pointless because the year is almost over. I feel like the teachers are sometimes too aggressive towards us kids and that they need to realize that we’re just kids and we’re excited to be back to see our friends” said eighth grader Ian Fredette.