Mount Greylock Returns to Traditional Schedule

Arthur Millet

On September 2nd, the Mount Greylock Regional School District school year commenced. Although COVID-19 persists, this year seems to better reflect the traditional learning model from pre-COVID times. Returning to fully in-person school means a slightly earlier school start time, and reversal back to the original, rotating schedule used in years previous to the 2020-2021 school year. Although there are still restrictions due to COVID-19, there are considerably less than last year. 

This year, everyone comes to school 5 days a week, and there is no remote option. Masks are still required in classrooms, buses, and any indoor areas. However, when students are wearing masks, they are no longer required to maintain three feet of distance between one another. The majority of extracurricular activities are running normally and are allowed to have in-person meetings. 

Pooled testing is still an option for those who choose to do it, but it is not required to participate in after-school activities. Students who are signed up are tested every Thursday before entering the building in the morning.

The school day is back to the regular rotating block schedule, with two static blocks in addition to lunch and directed study. 

Mount Greylock Regional School has also opted to use the e-hallpass instead of the regular, paper pass system. The e-hallpass system allows students to request passes online by inputting their current and desired location. They then must wait until their teacher confirms the pass for it to unlock. Once the pass is unlocked, a timer shows up on the screen and continues counting until the student has returned from their trip. 

The new pass system allows teachers and staff to track students’ whereabouts at any given time. This system was first introduced last year, but the school officially reinforced it this year. 

“E-hallpass seems like it will be very useful when people get used to using it.  The freshmen seem to be utilizing it more and more frequently” said English teacher Kellie Houle.

Additionally, Mount Greylock Regional School has returned to the three lunch schedule. The middle school, freshmen and sophomores, and juniors and seniors eat at 10:45, 11:33, and 12:21 respectively. Students have the option to sit outside, or inside at small tables spaced three feet apart. 

“I’m so glad to see our days returning to normal!” said sophomore Emily Mole.