November 15, 2021 Print Edition

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In This Issue:  News & Features:
New MIAA Schedule: “Healthy Competition” or Perils to Mental Health?
1 in 650: An Interview with Melina Woodbury
A Look at the College Application Process
Midsummer? More like Mid-Fall: Shakespeare Returns
The Williams College Capital Gift Six Years Later
Regional School Challenges: The “Town Divide”
Greylock Partakes in “Banned Books Week”
Thirty-Year-Old Structure Uncovered
Spirit Week Overview
North Adams Elects First Female Mayor
“Repro Japan” Comes to WCMA
Outdoor Classroom or Dance Floor?
Flu Clinic
A Tribute to Miss PatsySports:
Fall Sports Update
Athlete Spotlight: Kate Swann

Sylvie’s Book Corner
A Failure in Local Environmental Education is a Failure for All
The Perfect Cider Donut
Twin Advice, Twice as Nice