Lyndon Moors Guest Conducts Band Concert

Krishiv Malhorta

On January 12, 2022, the middle and high school bands, in conjunction with the jazz band, held a concert with former Mount Greylock band teacher Lyndon Moors acting as a guest conductor. 

The middle school band played five song arrangements. The middle school performance was conducted by band teacher Jaqueline Vinette. “I was very satisfied with the results and am very proud of the middle school. We received many great compliments from the school community and parents,” said Vinette.  

Amelia Madrigal, an eighth grader who played in the concert, said, “I am very proud of what I did at the concert, but it was a little less enjoyable as everyone had to take their masks off to play, which was concerning because if one person had COVID, everyone would get COVID.” 

The Jazz Band had its first ever performance, playing three pieces. Anthony Welch, Arthur Millet, Simon Shin, Quinn McDermott, Quinlan Repetto, and Killian Scanlon all had solos. The jazz band had a rehearsal once a week after school, unlike the daily orchestra and band rehearsals which occur as part of their classes.

Vinette said, “I thought it was especially exciting that this was our first ever jazz band performance. The group of 19 students, who meet weekly after school, has come a long way since the fall. Many students were playing secondary instruments, but the concert still went well.”

Yeshe Rai, an 8th grader who played in the jazz band, said, “The jazz band was much more difficult as we only met once a week, but we made it work and had a great concert.”

The high school band played five arrangements, including Music for a Celebration by Dirk Brosse. Mr. Moors returned to Mount Greylock for one final concert and was in charge of conducting the band.

Vinette said, “It was really nice to see Mr. Moors come back and conduct a few pieces. I’m glad that he was able to finish what he started back in 2020. It also helped me listen to the band from a different perspective, which was very valuable.”

Anthony Welch, a senior who plays the clarinet, said, “I had fun playing in the concert. Having Mr. Moors come back and conduct had some learning bumps, but I am glad he finished what he started.” 

Four students from the high school band, Anthony Welch (clarinet), Emily Dupuis (flute), Quin Repetto (trumpet), Killian Scanlon (trumpet), and Simon Shin (trombone), were recently chosen for the Massachusetts Music Educators Association Western District Honor Ensembles.