New Teacher Spotlight: Eamon Lin-Weinheimer

The Echo spoke with Eamon Lin-Weinheimer, middle school math teacher, to discuss his development as a math teacher and his adjustment to Greylock thus far. 

Echo: How are you liking Greylock?

ELW: It’s a beautiful campus. It makes the teaching part easier. The administration has also really helped out in allowing me to teach the kids in a way that will help them succeed. 

Echo: Where did you study previously?

ELW: I went to a pretty prestigious teacher education program called the Boston teacher residency. It’s where you co-teach with an experienced classroom teacher. You also take classes with professors from all over, like Harvard, Brown, and UMass Boston. 

Echo: What made you want to be a math teacher?

ELW: I was always really good at math in high school. When I got to college I noticed I wasn’t really good at math. I really thought about what I missed and it really led me to think about how other kids are probably missing ways to develop. Math isn’t just about how quick you are with finding an answer. It’s about how well you solve problems.

Echo: What is your favorite formula or equation?

ELW: I love anything that has to do with circumference or area. I think it’s because it took so long to find that ratio and comparison between area and circumference, which led to pi.