Putting the Break Back in Breakfast at Mount Greylock

Due to the COVID pandemic, breakfast and snacks at morning break had been on hold at Mount Greylock Regional School. Recently, the beloved French toast sticks and breakfast corndogs have been restored and many students are thrilled. 

“Usually I don’t eat breakfast [at home], so breakfast at break is an easy way to not be hungry for my first few classes,” said senior Altan McIntosh. Although break has been shortened this year, many students still have time to take advantage of this opportunity. 

“It is a good way to sit down with friends and be able to have a break from class, especially if people don’t have time to make breakfast in the morning,” said senior Ainsley Abel. 

Breakfast at break has become extremely popular with the students who know about it. Nevertheless, there is quite a divide between students who spend break in the library and those who spend it in the cafeteria. Many of the library students were unaware that breakfast at break had restarted. 

When asked about her thoughts, junior Jackie Brannan responded, “I think it is a great opportunity for students, but I didn’t know that it existed.”  

The first hot breakfast served was French toast sticks, but as the week continued they started to offer breakfast corndogs as well. “Pre-COVID they had breakfast sandwiches which were also good,” McIntosh said.

Some people view the small group who partake in breakfast at break as a good thing. McIntosh said that last Thursday the cafeteria barely had enough breakfast corndogs for everyone and towards the end of break they were running out.

Concerned about the amount of food available, McIntosh was happy that the news of break breakfast had not been spread throughout the whole school. But as more students find out about breakfast at break, it might be first come, first serve with the popular items.