December 09, 2022 Print Edition

In This Issue: 

News & Features:

  • AP Exams Made Optional for Seniors in One Year “Experiment”
  • 1 in 650: An Interview with Olivia Zoito
  • Shakespeare Fall Festival: Community and Expression
  • Seniors Create Photography Club
  • Williams Students, Local Business Owners Participate in Greylock Talks
  • A Breakdown of Ballot Question 1
  • State and County Midterm Election Results
  • Staff, Students Discuss Cell Phone Policy
  • Covid-19 Updates: Booster Shots
  • Students and School Councils Collaborate to Change Dress Code
  • Requirements and Choice: A Closer Look at Summer Reading
  • Student Art Features
  • YES Club and Administration Evaluate Recycling Habits


  • John Allen and A Winning Football Culture at MG
  • Fall Sports Recap
  • Athlete Spotlight: Judge Martin


  • Avoiding Unhealthy Relationships with Online Grades
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi An Impressive Star Wars Spin-Off
  • Lyricism and Sound Effects in Taylor Swift’s Midnights
  • Sylvie’s Book Corner
  • Images Cinema Shows Don’t Worry Darling and Moonage Daydream