Mount Greylock Library Moves to Electronic System

After years of library checkouts with paper cards and slips, the Mount Greylock library has officially switched to an electronic system. Checking out books with paper notes is now a thing of the past. With the new library scanning system, students can check out a book in seconds and no longer have to record their checkout information on a card. 

The previous method was just not efficient enough, according to school librarian Liza Barrett, and it was a burden for those working the desk. 

“I had to hand write all of my late slips, and any data I wanted, I had to hand count,” said Barrett. 

The new system includes a database for all of the books in the library, accurate data about each book, and a record of every book that a student has read from the library. 

“It clears up confusion, it is more efficient, and it is way easier,” senior library teacher’s assistant Jennah Simpson said. 

In addition to faster checkouts, an online catalog now exists, so if a student is looking for a book, it can be found by searching the database. 

To add on to this new development, Barrett is looking to start having electronic overdue notices, which she said is “a January project to figure out.” 

“I’m just so excited that the library is just a place that students really enjoy being. It’s always full at break, at lunch, and in directed study,” said Barrett.