Peer Team Seniors Organize Food Drive


In November, the Mount Greylock Peer Resource Team held a Thanksgiving food drive. The food was donated to the Williamstown Food Pantry at Saints Patrick and Raphael Parish. Peer Team members and seniors Seamus Barnes, Arthur Greenfield, Foster Savitsky, and Patrick McConnell led the group in running the food drive. 

“We thought it was only right for us to be doing [the food drive], now that we’re in Peer Team and we have the influence and control to do that,” said Barnes. Peer Team asked students to bring in various canned food items to their directed studies. 

“We had a lot of directed studies contributing, especially from Mr. Z’s room and Mr. Davis’s room,” said Barnes. 

Although the Peer Team’s goal was to donate food for Thanksgiving, it ended up serving a different purpose. “The food pantry that we donated to was really appreciative of it because when we donated it Thanksgiving morning, their stock was almost completely out from donating food for Thanksgiving. So it kind of ends up being more of a Christmas food drive because now their stocks are refilled for the holiday season and Christmas and whatnot,” Barnes said.

The Peer Team also received help from the Student Council and faculty. “I know [Liza] Barrett ran a lot of food drives and a lot of administrators run them…who just helped spread the word for us and our announcement speaker Sam, who let everyone know,” Barnes said. 

After having a very successful drive, Peer Team hopes to continue doing them to help the community. 

“And then the success of this food drive means that we can probably do other successful food drives in the future,” said Greenfield.