Malone Attends Massachusetts Student Government Day

Maggie Nichols

Student Government Day (SGD), a program which gives high school students in Massachusetts the opportunity to participate in mock-government on Beacon Hill for a day, occurred on March 31st of 2023. Mount Greylock junior Ceci Malone was chosen to attend this year’s program. 

Malone was the sole representative from Berkshire County at SGD, and was chosen by Register, Educate, Vote club and Student Council advisor Mary McDonald to attend due to her involvement in REV club. 

SGD occurs on a Friday in late March or early April each year, and students gather to learn more about government through experience. The program is held at the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Hill in Boston. 

Each student who attends SGD is elected into a student government position at Beacon Hill. Malone served as a representative. Students debated two bills—one occurring in a house session and the other in a joint session between the student-Senate and student-House of Representatives. Events included a simulated Joint Committee Hearing between the Senate and House, a Joint Convention, and an Executive Session. 

Two bills, regarding lowering the voting age in municipal elections and healthier school lunches, were discussed. Students were able to cast their votes for each bill after the debates. Malone noted most people supported the first bill, but not many supported the healthy lunch bill. The first bill about lowering the voting age passed; the second was rejected. 

Many notable Massachusetts politicians attended, such as Governor Maura Healy, Senator  John Keenan, Chief Justice Kimberly Budd, and Commissioner of Education Jeff Riley. 

Malone emphasized the importance of SGD and its ability to inform students about government, stating that the program helped her “understand what Massachusetts government was like.” 

Of students who attended, Malone was the only person from Berkshire County. She said she hoped next year more local students would be given the opportunity to take part in SGD. Anyone who is an upcoming junior or senior next year is eligible to attend next year’s program.