Free Box: SAT Book Donation

Seniors have started to leave their SAT, ACT and AP preparation books behind as they prepare to go to college.

Members of the Student Council who no longer need their test preparation books came up with the idea to collect used books for younger students to use. The Student Council, led by Jake Kobrin and Ian Culnane, set up a box outside the Guidance Office. Not initially clear whether the members were raising books for an outside group or leaving them there as donations, they placed a “Help Yourself” sign on the box in an attempt to clear the confusion.

“We could use some more donations, so keep ’em coming seniors” says Kobrin. Kobrin says that this book donation was started to provide sophomores and juniors with resources along with the Guidance Office’s own supply of resource books and test preparation.  Although the books were stored inside the Guidance Office for a small time, they have been returned to their initial spot outside of it. If you are in need of one of these textbooks, they are open for the taking, and upperclassmen are encouraged to bring in books they no longer need to study.



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