Freshmen Class Goes on Exciting Field Trips

On Monday, June 12th, students in the freshman class were treated to an exciting trip to Ramblewild, the outdoor aerial and adventure park in Lanesboro. Continuing the school’s relationship with the park–in years past the high school band has performed at Ramblewild, and free passes to the park used to be the highly coveted prizes for winning the monthly Greylock Way awards–the entire freshmen class had a day long of fun on various ropes courses and ziplines.

This trip maintained the old tradition of a physics-based field trip as the culmination of the first year of high school. Classes used to go to The Great Escape amusement park in Lake George to experience the G-forces and effects of gravity on the huge roller coasters and rides. However, this new trip is not directly focusing on the physics behind the park; instead it is an all-encompassing end-of-the-year treat for making it through the first year of high school. Teachers prefer Ramblewild to the Great Escape for a number of reasons: its close proximity to the school, its established relationship with Mount Greylock, and of course the one-of-a-kind elements and natural beauty, which prompted the Boston Magazine to call it “quite possibly the most fun you’ll have this summer.”

Ramblewild isn’t the only beautiful piece of nearby scenery that the freshmen will be enjoying. This Friday, June 16th, the class as well as returning senior members of Peer Team will be summiting Mount Greylock itself. Given our school’s picturesque and ideal setting in the heart of the Berkshires, amid glorious mountains and resource like Ramblewild, it is reassuring and exciting to see Greylock students able to take advantage of our wonderful “backyard.”

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