Greylock Performs Macbeth

Macbeth-PosterOn November 14th and 15th, students from Mt. Greylock put on a rendition of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Seniors Jasper Rosenheim, Luc Park, and Noah Savage starred in the titular lead role of Macbeth, splitting the lines. Each performance had one of them say a different set of lines, making each performance truly unique. Seniors Nicole Jones as Lady Macbeth and Molly Wilson as Macduff rounded out the main characters. Jones said: “I enjoyed working with three Macbeths. It was a lot of fun watching them interact and split up the lines.” Wilson said: “I enjoyed stage-fighting. It was also a good period for growth, as this is unlike many other roles I’ve portrayed.” Josh Mccabe, Ally Allen, and Tom Jaeger, from Shakespeare and Company, directed Macbeth. Allen herself is a Greylock Alumni, bringing a unique perspective to this Greylock rendition of Macbeth. “It was a good senior show,” said Jones, “It was a good experience, as Macbeth is a well known show.”

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