JCL: A Chat with Advisor Marjorie Keeley

Marj Keeley

Marj Keeley

The Mt. Greylock Junior Classical League is a club open to all middle and high school students.  Latin teacher Marjorie Keeley advises the members in an exploration of Ancient Roman culture.  The Echo spoke with Keeley to learn more about the activities the JCL plans to participate in this year.

Echo: How many students take part in JCL? Who are the student leaders of the club?

Keeley: So far, thirty five students have already turned in their JCL activity fees in grades 7-12.  Members with leadership positions in JCL include senior Katie Davis, juniors Adam Hall and Adly Templeton, sophomores Caroline Carlough and Najla Nassar and freshman Zephie Gollin.

Echo: What happens at JCL meetings?

Keeley: It depends on what kind of meeting it is.  At an executive board meeting, the leaders of JCL plan upcoming activities for the rest of the members, such as the induction ceremony and Saturnalia celebration. They plan strategies for entering the various whole school competitions.  Whole school competitions include making newsletters and scrapbooks, performing community service, publicizing JCL, et al.

Echo: Can you describe the convention that the JCL goes to? Where is it? When is it? What do you do there?

Keeley: The convention is a 3-day, 2-night conference.  It will be at the Sturbridge Convention Center this year on May 1-3.  It is a 3 day event with various contests and competitions.  JCL-ers from all over Massachusetts get together to compete, socialize and celebrate all things classic.  There are certamen matches (Latin quiz bowl), chariot racing, costume contests, dramatic contests and more.

Echo: What projects or activities is the JCL doing this year?

Keeley: Mt. Greylock JCL is hosting the Massachusetts JCL Kick-Off Event on October 25, as it has done annually since 2002.  400-500 JCL-ers from all over the state come to Greylock to kick off the school year with scrimmages and catapult contests.

Echo: When do meetings take place?

Keeley: Meetings will be posted on the JCL bulletin board or on the MG JCL website.  The next full member meeting is Thursday, October 23. We will get ready for our statewide Kick-Off event on Saturday, October 25 here at Mt. Greylock.

Echo: What can you share about MG JCL?

Keeley: I love the JCL creed and song.  The colors for JCL are purple and gold.  JCL has something for everyone. There is so much to JCL that it is difficult to convey how cool and awe-inspiring it is!

Freshman and JCL member Sabrina Templeton said, “The club focuses on a lot of things. Some people concentrate on building catapults for the Kick-Off event. Others focus mostly on Certamen.”

Sophomore Caroline Carlough said, “JCL is very unique. It is much different from other clubs and organizations. It offers a lot of activities to members, and it’s just a really fun way to start the year.” She also explained how most people think JCL is just about Latin but, in reality, it is much more. She said, “We focus a little bit on Latin, but mostly we just focus on the Roman culture and ancient times.” With the Kick-Off event at Mt. Greylock, Certamen and many more amazing experiences, the Mt. Greylock Junior Classical League is off to a great start!

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  1. The JCL club was all Greek to me, that is until I read Emma’s interview with Marjorie Keely. I remember a time when the Mass was said in Latin, it too was Greek to me then. Good Job … Emma!

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