Makerspace Brings New Opportunities to Students

In early January of this year, the Makerspace, a place within the building for students to pursue their own technological interests, opened at Mt. Greylock. The Makerspace was part of Greylock’s technology proposal to Williams College last year, and is the latest installment in the school’s academic expansion plan .

The Space is used for tech projects and computer studies, and is mainly supervised by Greg Roach, the father of junior Ethan Roach. Other supervisors and helpers include Mrs. Kaiser, Rob Wnuk, and Matt Baya, a Networks and Systems Administrator at Williams College. Mr. Baya provides the Makerspace with a generous amount of resources, including various monitors, several Mac Pro towers and Mac Minis. The Makerspace is visited by a variety of students regularly, which is open to all Greylock students on Tuesdays after school for their own personal pursuits.

“The Makerspace is most definitely in its nascent state,” says Principal MacDonald. “It’s definitely got a ways to go, but I’m happy the door is open.”

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