Middle School Backpack Policy

If you walk the halls of Mt. Greylock, you will notice that most high school students carry backpacks with them. However, most middle schoolers do not. The Echo interviewed some middle school teachers about the backpack rule. Seventh grade math teacher Courtenay Gibson said, “I am aware that there is a ‘no backpacks in the classroom’ policy, and I support it. During my class, I try to speak to as many students personally as possible, which means that I need to move freely and quickly from one corner of the room to the other without tripping over obstacles (backpacks). My room is set up for maximum flow.” If seventh grade science teacher Amy Moore-Powers sees a backpack in her room, she makes the student who owns the backpack put it outside her door. Eighth grade English teacher Sharyn Dupee strongly enforces the backpack rule because six years ago she tripped over a backpack and dislocated her shoulder. She finds them bulky, in the way, hazardous and a nuisance. The kids know not to bring backpacks into her room, but if she sees one, she will make the student put the bag in his or her locker.

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