NHS Tutors in Middle School

Every Tuesday and Thursday for the past month, a few high school students give up their lunch as part of a community service project to tutor middle school students. This program is a definite success and provides assistance to several middle school students.

Guidance counselors select students in seventh and eighth grade for tutoring based on recommendations from teachers and administrators as well as report card grades. Currently, they do not require the selected middle school students to attend tutoring, but are highly encouraged to do so.

The Mount Greylock chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS), a national organization of students that performs on community service, organizes this program. At Mount Greylock, National Honor Society requires students to complete eight hours of community service before the end of the year, and NHS offers the program as one opportunity to achieve this requirement. Senior Andrew Whittaker helps to manage the program and coordinates volunteers. Concerning the future of the program, Guidance Counselor Peter Pannesco said that , “We will assess the effectiveness of this program at the end of the school year. We hope to be able to offer tutorial assistance through the NHS again next year.” Tutorial gives a rewarding opportunity for high school students to help other members of their community.

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