Open House a Success

At 7:00 P.M. on September 30, parents and guardians of middle and high school students came to Mt. Greylock’s Open House to follow their child’s schedule and to get more information about the school’s athletics and co-curricular activities. Parents followed a Monday schedule and participated in all of their child’s classes except lunch, gym and directed study. Theeightminutelong classes allowed parents to meet their child’s teachers, learn about homework and academic expectations, and review the syllabus for the course. Mt. Greylock had both student groups and outside organizations represented. Lindsey von Holtz, the Director of Athletics and Co-Curricular activities, said, “There were members and advisors representing and promoting JCL, Spanish Club, PEP Club, Peer Team, Shakespeare, The Musical, Spring Drama, Echo, Digital Media Lab, Students Organizing Change, Youth Environmental Squad, and Outing Club.” von Holtz also said, “Additionally, we had members of the volleyball team and the Class of 2017 as they are currently running fundraisers [Mountie socks and the Corn Hole Tournament] they wanted to advertise.” Nancy McMullen, secretary in the Main Office, helped organize the advertisement of outside organizations including The Williams Center at Mt. Greylock, SEE Fund, nb21, Friends of the Arts, PTO, the School Psychologist and the After Prom Committee. At Open House, there were Mt. Greylock fleece blankets for sale and a raffle for a quilt. von Holtz said, “It was the After Prom Committee that was selling blankets and raffle tickets for a quilt to help raise fun for the after prom.” McMullen said, “The Open House went really well!”

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  1. When I was Emma’s age, I did not know what a “Syllabus” was, let alone spell it. I was amazed to see how many clubs Greylock has, more than enough to fill a golf bag! Good Job…Emma!

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