Sam and Zach’s Star Wars Countdown: T-Minus 3 Weeks


As we enter the home stretch for The Force Awakens, Sam and Zach review the beginning of it all: A New Hope. Put simply, A New Hope is the pure essence of the Star Wars saga.

A long time ago—38 years to be precise—Lucas changed the lives of millions. A New Hope marked the beginning of an epic that transcended the screen and found its way into the hearts of many. The idea for Star Wars was revolutionary: a Spaghetti Western set in outer space.

A New Hope dominates the science-fiction/action genre for one simple reason: it is the quintessential hero’s journey. From simple farm-boy to war hero, Luke Skywalker is an underdog hero that many fans come to love and root for. At the time of its release, fans praised A New Hope’s fresh concept of space cowboys, as well as the classical themes woven into the movie’s fabric. The characters had an almost mythical feel due to their ability to lay low vast droves of enemies.As one of the movies main themes, the fight against oppression rings true with the American values of liberty and freedom. A New Hope also tells the classic tale of redemption with Han Solo. He starts as an immoral smuggler who shoots first but gradually evolves into a somewhat sentimental rogue who is fiercely loyal to his companions.

A New Hope contains many of the iconic moments of the saga. From Obi-Wan’s ever famous quote: “That’s no moon, it’s a space station,” to the classic garbage chute scene, A New Hope contains the kernels of screenwriting that propelled Lucas to intergalactic fame.

The characters of A New Hope are some truly magnificent creations. Han Solo’s roguish heroism compliments Luke’s innocent farm boy by making Solo seem like a morally questionable mentor. Also the old rivalry between the wise, “Merlin-esque” Ben Kenobi and the blatantly evil, enigmatic Darth Vader is an awesome symbol of the Light and Dark struggle. When Vader deals the violent killing blow to Kenobi, fans know that evil has prevailed and dark times are ahead for the Rebels. Darth Vader becomes the pure essence of evil by destroying Kenobi and instills a sense of fear in fans of all ages.

One knock on A New Hope is the occasionally corny dialogue. Some of the conversations in the movie are incredibly deep and profound, such as Obi-Wan’s explanation of the Force, but at other times fans simply listen to Luke whine about staying on the farm for the harvest. Whining must run in the Skywalker family because, although it is not as painful as Anakin’s long rants in the prequels, Luke complains frequently in the movie and makes his character seem like a cranky little boy. Overall, A New Hope is a fantastic movie that set the precedent for the saga that would become a modern epic.

High Points: Great Story, Cool Characters, Memorable Scenes

Low Points: Stormtrooper Aim, Some Tacky Dialogue

Summary: 4.5 out of 5 Stormtroopers

About the Authors:

Sam Swoap spent his childhood raised by wolves in the wilds of central Scandinavia. He enjoys a good white wine from time to time.

Zach Armet is a highly successful chicken breeder whose Bantams have won several underground cockfighting tournaments around the world. His favorite restaurant is KFC.

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