School Trip Goes Abroad

Over February break, students from Mt. Greylock went on a trip to Italy to further understand and discover the ancient Roman and Italian cultures and the Latin language. Students from grades eight through twelve went on this trip, accompanied by Greylock instructors Amy Turner and Erik Forsberg.

Students traveled around Italy for eight days, leaving on the February 12 and returning on the 20. The students visited many notable cities, including Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento and Palermo.

Eighth grader Rachel Bisson said, “A lot of it was just experiencing what the [teachers] taught us in school, rather than learning it in a classroom, just actually seeing it for real.”

When asked about his favorite location he went, junior Jasper Rosenheim said, “[Sorrento] was really pretty; it was way more confined than Rome. Rome was very spread out, so you didn’t get to see a lot, but you got to see pretty much everything in Sorrento. It was very pretty and relaxing.”

The students engaged in many activities in Italy. One of the main things they did, according to Rosenheim was eat “a lot of food. We spent most of our time eating or just touring different ruins or churches or other beautiful places. We’d leave pretty early in the morning to do stuff like that, around 10, and we’d get back at around three, and then dinner was at seven most nights, so we had free time until then.”

The student tourists say Italy was a trip of a lifetime: a chance to dive into a foreign world and learn about the different culture. The students agree that they would go on the trip again, given the chance. They also recommend this trip to Italy to future students interested in going abroad to explore a new and distant country.

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