Senior Prank 2016

On Monday, May 1, Mt. Greylock’s senior class pulled off their long-awaited senior prank. At around 5:30AM, the project began with a giant delivery of sand to Mt. Greylock’s front doors, brought in by senior Adam Petricca. Petricca, along with a group of seniors who arrived at the school shortly after, began to spread the sand out across the sidewalks and concrete around the school in a makeshift beachside.

Seniors then began to flood into the parking lot of the high school and park awkwardly, with some cars taking up as many as three parking spots. Bringing lawn chairs and other beach attire, seniors began to relax in the sand, resting in sunglasses and sandals. Some students even went so far as to bring a grill with them, and started to cook food including chili and hotdogs. While the festivities were an entertaining way to pass the time, they came to a finale at the end of second period, because many seniors needed to be marked present to participate in extracurricular activities. The sand was quickly gathered and moved off school grounds by Petricca, as per the faculty’s request.

Still, seniors got one last chance to enjoy their “beach day” during lunch, when they abandoned the cafeteria and once again gathered in front of the school. There, seniors continued to grill food for lunch.

The annual senior prank is the Greylock seniors’ way of saying farewell in a lighthearted, carefree way, and they once again pulled it off , signing off and giving a final goodbye to Mt. Greylock Regional High School.

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