Senior Week

On May 26 the seniors came to school for their very last official day of high school. With the exception of finals, it was their last day of education within the confines of Mt. Greylock

Regional High School. However, it was not the last time they were able to spend time as an entire class. June 1 marked the start of the class of 2015’s senior week. On Monday June 1, the seniors attended their senior prom at Berkshire Hills Country club. Prom is a night where people gather together, get dressed up, dance, and socialize not only with their immediate friends, but kids from numerous schools until unbelievably late hours of the morning.  Although this year the weather was not ideal, Prom was still a success, and students enjoyed dancing to new music and some throwback tunes the DJ played.

On Tuesday the entire class and their families gathered for an awards ceremony at which select students were bestowed with scholarships and academic achievement awards.

On the third day of senior week, the seniors gathered at Mount Greylock for the Class Picnic. At the picnic there were an ample amount of snacks, burgers and hot dogs and endless people to hang out and spend time with. Senior Caitlyn Durant said that the picnic “was nice for both the students and parents and is definitely a good idea. I liked how we all just hung out with friends and some students got a game of ultimate Frisbee going.”

On Thursday the seniors took a class trip down to High Meadows in North Granby CT. High Meadows where there was a pool and all sorts of outdoor activities, including rock climbing. Senior Josie Verter said that, “The best part about senior trip was probably the outdoor laser tag.” Senior Caitlyn Durant’s favorite aspect seemed to be a bit different. She said, “The vertical rush was so fun! Its a big blow up slide but in order to get to the top to slide down you race one other person up this wall of little squares and handles. So many little burns from the slide though but so worth it!”

Friday was a day devoted to rehearsing for graduation, and an enticing trade-off was a senior breakfast, to lure the students up to the rehearsal. After that the seniors headed to the gym to practice for their ceremony, mainly sitting and standing in unison. Both Caitlyn and Josie agreed that the rehearsal went, for the most part, smoothly. Additionally, Caitlyn said, “With the band playing and the chorus singing the reality of it all came through. The whole time I thought to myself, ‘This is real. I’m graduating high school tomorrow. Walking through these halls will be a choice not a must.’ Then I have to tell myself don’t tear up now. Not yet. Be thankful to stand on that stage with the friends you have made and look out in the audience tomorrow and see everyone’s proud faces. I am ready for the next chapter in my life. Its not going to be easy but it’s happening.”

On Saturday, June 6, the festivities of senior week came to a climax when the class of 2015 ceremonially received their diplomas and officially graduated from Mt. Greylock Regional High School.

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