Switch’s Popularity

SwitchMt. Greylock students may have noticed a recent resurgence of the popular carbonated juice beverage Switch. As some will remember, Switch disappeared from school snack carts three years ago when the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) passed legislation regarding the healthfulness of food served in schools, banning many products including Switch, Snapple, and deep fried or excessively fatty foods. Fortunately for people who like to drink Switch, Switch has made a comeback. Apple and Eve, the company which produces Switch, applied for and received an exemption from the USDA’s Competitive Foods Regulation. This regulation was put in place to make sure healthy foods are available to elementary, middle and high school students, combating the rising childhood obesity rate in the United States. The regulation prevents food with little to no nutritional value out of schools (foods that do not contribute to a students daily recommended nutritional intake). Switch became exempt from this regulation when it was shown to contain more than five percent of a student’s daily Vitamin C, making it a nutritional food and allowing it to be sold in its 8.3 ounce size, which the cafeteria jumped on as soon as they had the chance. According to foodservice manager, Judy Richardson, Switch is the most popular item sold by the school, with the vending machines needing to be restocked daily. Due to the high demand, another vending machine has had to be placed in the cafeteria, this also dissuades students from leaving the cafeteria during lunch. The real mystery, however, is why Switch is placed on the top shelf of the vending machine. According to Ms. Richardson on account of  the cans being so thin, they simply slide out of the vending machines without an adaptor on the shelves. These adaptors are only on the top shelves of most vending machines, forcing Switch lovers to endure the long fall to get their fix. Such is life.

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