The Life of a Snow Day

With six snow days and a delay already, the winter of 2016-17 has proven to be quite a satisfying season for the students of Mt. Greylock. We had 20 inches by the time we hit December break. These storms have seemingly lined up perfectly with morning and afternoon commute hours, leaving principals and superintendents with little choice but to cancel classes for the day. It seems that old man winter made up for his lack of substantial weather from last winter season. As relaxing as these snow days may be for students, keep in mind that they often pose a serious issue for parents of younger students. Last minute arrangements for their children can be stressful, and many rely on weather websites and blogs to anticipate upcoming storms. One such website, The Greylock Snow Day informs students and their family’s on possible changes in their school day. The editor, Blair Dils remarks on the strange weather. He notes that this and last winter are remarkable in their stark differences of storm patterns. There were hardly any snow days for the county last year, and now we have already passed a total of five half way through February. Now after a warm week off and all the snow melted, we are back to the grind and can anticipate a bit more snow coming in what is so far a bitter cold March.

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