Yearbook Staff Publishes Senior Superlatives

Every school year, the yearbook staff sits down together and generates categories that fit the senior grade as a whole. However, this year the staff decided to come up with new and unique categories as opposed to the traditional ones. The staff established categories based on the personality of this year’s senior class in order to be more inclusive. In order for this idea to go through, the yearbook staff met several times to generate ideas and vote on them. This year’s staff consists of a diverse group of eleven people, including Ms. Casalinova, many seniors, a few juniors, and even one seventh grader. Ms. Casalinova feels that “the yearbook staff was very creative this year.”  As students walk through the South corridor looking at the superlatives, they notice that the categories this year fit the senior class perfectly.


Most Likely to Climb Mt. Everest George Hedreen Sophie Gerry
Best Eyes Cayman Mead Maeve Shine
Most Theatrical Luc Park Nicole Jones
Most Likely to Win an Argument Sam Swoap Julia Whitney
Best Dressed Benni McComish Emma Whitney
Most Likely to put Others First Alex Ciskowski Petrea Mannello
Best Laugh Noah Savage Haley Reinhard
Most Likely to be an Olympian Matt Wiseman Grace Smith
Stand Out Comic Jasper Rosenheim Hope Willis
Most Likely to be a Hacker for the CIA Adly Templeton Melissa Swann
Biggest Diva Ian Culnane Holly Fisher
Best to Bring Home to Mom and Dad Gray Kaegi Greta Savitsky
Most Likely to Rule the World Adam Hall Molly Wilson
Most Likely to Brighten your Day Tyler Rathbun Lilly Crolius
Most Likely to Rock a Flannel + Work Boots Ben Hynes Amanda Quinn
Most Creative Nattanon Philuk Anya Sheldon
Most Likely to Travel the World Adam Petricca Megan Shulse + Sofia Lopez
Worst Case of Senioritis Brodie Altiere Isa Hagstrom