Review: Tres Ninos Taqueria

Here in Western Mass, we don’t have access to a huge number of places to eat authentic, good Mexican food. But Tres Ninos Taqueria, situated on Marshall Street in North Adams, adds an option to the short list. New restaurants in the Berkshires are always welcome, and can add some variety to the Thai Garden Wednesday-Spice Root Friday weekly routine. 

Taking a look at the Tres Ninos dinner menu, it appeared pretty standard, and consisted of burritos, tacos and taco salads. There are also Nachos and Rice Bowls, for those of you looking for smaller plates. Despite the small size of the menu, it certainly covered staples.

The first thing I dug into was the chicken taco. The chicken was well cooked, but could have used more seasoning as it was a bit bland. I appreciated the toppings of lettuce, cheese, cilantro and sour cream, but more flavor would have made the taste even better. Encasing the meat and toppings was a hard shell, which I thought was a perfect amount of crispness. All in all, I thought  the taco was perfectly fine, but fairly simple and lacking in flavor. 

Next up was the chicken burrito, which, in my opinion, was not as tasty as the taco. That being said, the ingredients were appetizing and I thought the combination of them all worked well. In the burrito were beans, lettuce, yellow rice, chicken and tomatoes. I was also delighted by the tortilla, as it was sturdy enough to hold all the ingredients inside. Not all burritos have this structure, and some fall apart easily (which makes it even messier to eat than it was before). However, I did feel that the ingredients could have been fresher.  A good burrito must have the freshest of ingredients to counter the less flavorful rice and beans, which is a feature this one unfortunately lacked. 

Along with the dinner menu, but there were a few breakfast options that sounded quite good. The breakfast menu consisted of breakfast burritos and breakfast tacos. There is also a breakfast bowl called “All the Kids in the Pool.” I will admit however, I’m not completely sure of what that consists of–how many kids and what kind of pool?  I will look forward to taking the plunge some morning soon. 

Looking back upon my dinner, I thought Tres Ninos was a great restaurant to try but I would probably not go back for a second meal. The items I ate were perfectly fine, but nothing special or exciting. Despite this, if you are in North Adams and in the mood for some Mexican food, Tres Ninos is a solid place to go for a quick bite.