An Interview with Jackie Wells

On November 27th, Jackie Wells received the Superintendent’s Academic Excellence Award. The Echo sat down with her to chat a bit about her time at Greylock and what the award means to her. 

Echo: When did you come to Mount Greylock? How long have you been here?

Jackie Wells: I started ninth grade at Mt. Greylock in the old school building and then came over to the new building, so I’ve been here for all 4 years of high school. It was really great to join such an academically motivating community that welcomed me. I grew up in Ashfield, Mass, a little bit east and south of Williamstown, just over an hour away.

E: What is the Superintendent’s award? How is it earned?

JW: The Massachusetts Association of School Superintendent’s Academic Excellence Award goes to one member of the senior class each year for demonstrating achievement in academics and community leadership. It is a big deal, but it’s also a reflection on the many other students who are deserving in every way of this award as well and on the amazing teachers I’ve had the pleasure to learn from at Greylock that inspire my curiosity.

E: How did you learn about the award?

JW: I did not know about this award, but our superintendent Dr. Jake McCandless emailed me to let me know that I had been awarded the Massachusetts Superintendent’s Award. And then it was presented at a school committee meeting to me from the superintendent, which was really an honor. I’m not exactly sure how I was chosen, but it’s a joy to be part of this community and I’m very honored.