An Interview with Trudy Ames

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An Interview with Trudy Ames

Trudy Ames

Trudy Ames

Trudy Ames

Trudy Ames

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This year, English teacher Trudy Ames started a new art enrichment in which middle school students explore different aspects of art. Enrichment is an option for seventh and eighth graders who do not participate in band, orchestra or chorus and is a great opportunity to explore new topics and express new interests. The Echo spoke with Mrs. Ames to learn about her new class.

Echo: What is your purpose or goal for teaching this new class?

Ames:  My goal is for students to learn to enjoy art. Kids in elementary school were forced to do certain projects. There might be a lot of artistic kids out there, but they don’t know it.

Echo: Is this your only class where you are teaching middle school?

Ames: Yes, I’ve never taught middle school before this.

Echo: What other classes besides AP English and enrichment do you teach?

Ames: I teach Advertising and Persuasion, College Essay, Film and Poetry.

Echo: Were you excited to take on this new class?

Ames: Yes, although it is a whole different world, or even planet, teaching middle school again.

Echo: Were you assigned this class? Or did you suggest it?

Ames: I was assigned it; although once they asked me, I easily accepted.

Echo: Is it a hands-on class or does it include lectures, too?

Ames: Well, you can’t really be taught art, you have to experience it. It’s much more of a hands-on class.

Echo: How is the class going so far?

Ames: It’s great! The kids just finished working on emoji letters and paper mâché masks!

Echo: How many classes of this art enrichment do you have?

Ames: I have one every quarter.

Echo: About how many students per class?

Ames: It’s a small class, so about ten.

Echo: Last but not least, do you give out any homework?

Ames: Oh no, never. And feel free to look at the masks on your way out!