Agent Carter

Are you a fan of the Captain America movies? Are you a fan of Marvel’s Agents of Shield? Do you like to see Hayley Atwell humiliate a bunch of macho men in a fist fight? Then you must have enjoyed Marvel’s latest television exploit, Agent Carter. To call it the perfect miniseries is no hyperbole. Agent Carter had every element to make it a fantastic show: snarky comments from the protagonist, great subplots and a realistic setting that tackles sexism in the workplace. The show takes place in post-war New York and follows the actions of the S.S.R., the Strategic Scientific Reserve, as its members try to track down Howard Stark (Iron Man’s father) and bring him to justice for selling weapons to the Soviets. Howard contacts Peggy Carter, espionage extraordinaire, to track down the men who stole Howard’s weapons and framed him for selling them to the enemy. Howard’s butler, Edmund Jarvis, must assist Carter in the collision of their two worlds. Carter must now walk the line between being an agent of the S.S.R. and helping the very man her organization is hunting. Agent Carter incorporates season-long intrigue, dynamic characters and a great supporting cast. Classic American Thompson, crippled Sousa and the gruff Chief Dooley all provide comedic relief and shine in their roles. If you’re a fan of intrigue, espionage and the Marvel universe, then Agent Carter is perfect for you. Even if you’re not deeply invested in the story of Captain America, you can very easily keep up with the show, but for those who know the Avengers like the back of their hand, the show has subtle, yet powerful, references to the superheroes.

8.5 out of 10 Union Jacks (because Agent Carter is British).

Written by Zach Armet and Sam Swoap.

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