Review: Kim Petras – Turn off the Light

Kim Petras has come out with her first full pop project – and it does not disappoint.

After periodically releasing a slew of singles, the 26-year-old singer unleashed one of her debut projects to the world. “Turn Off the Light,” technically considered an EP, is Halloween themed, with a long purple hand with manicured pink nails gracing its cover. This can only be expected from someone as traditionally feminine as Petras, who was one of the youngest teens to ever transition from male to female.

The project starts with an eerie instrumental. In fact, each track is countered with an instrumental song, which only adds to the spooky effect. The tracks are reminiscent of the classic Halloween anthem “Thriller,” including stand-out hits like “Turn Off the Light” and “Close Your Eyes.” It is a perfect album for the Halloween season – not too overly scary or spooky, with just enough pop to make it fun.

However, the EP does have its fault. A lot of the tracks sound the same, which has been a problem for Petras in the past. Her past singles all sound a little familiar, and this EP is no exception. Lyrically, it’s campy and a little overdone, so that is why it should be used as a fun Halloween album and not be taken seriously. It’s perfect for parties and carving pumpkins but is not meant to shine as her solo debut. However, on the track she is headed, Petras may become the next big pop singer.

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