Stranger Things 2

Just in time for Halloween, I decided to watch Stranger Things 2. I, as a former Stranger Things skeptic, can officially say that Stranger Things Season 2 is phenomenal.

I watched the first season when it was released in the summer of 2016. For the first week after I had seen it, I was in love. The 80’s aesthetic, soundtrack, original characters, and plotline were truly enamoring. Then it started to lose its luster. People were describing it as the best show they had ever seen, and while it was good, it wasn’t that good. I started to find myself thinking of it as overrated.

Stranger Things 2, however, put me back on track. I watched it all in one weekend. While the story wasn’t as juicy as the first season’s, it digs deeper into the characters and includes what the first season lacked: humor. This season includes far more one-liners and running jokes that made me audibly laugh, but it doesn’t ignore the more serious struggles the first season emphasized. Like a typical sequel, it remains true to the plotline of the first season and builds on it. The Upside Down, the magical and somewhat evil alternate reality that we were introduced to in the first season, returns with a vengeance. We get to see more of Noah Schnapp’s impressive acting as Will Byers, and Millie Bobby Brown delivers another precise performance as the telekinetic Eleven. All of the old favorites are back, as well as some new editions: Max, a skater girl from California, and her excessively attractive older brother Billy.

The plot moves quickly. It’s perfect binge material, but there is still lots of room for multiple emotional moments. The acting in these moments and the sentiments that we carry over from the last season–the relationship between Will and his family, Eleven’s struggle with her past trauma, and the strong friendship among the group of boys–all combine for five or six memorably tear-jerking scenes. There are impressive scenes, too, where the special effects and shock of the moment will leave your jaw open without you even realizing it.

I am still not at the level of saying that Stranger Things is the best TV show out there. However, it is completely worth the watch, and with a theme song that good, how could you not?

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