GMSU to Return


Ava Simon, Staff Writer

This month the Multicultural Student Union has re-emerged at Greylock. It falls in line with one of Greylock’s core values – acceptance.

According to guidance counselor Ms. Pardalis explains that students and staff alike have “unconscious biases that they might have regarding race.” To remedy any partial mindsets of the faculty or students, Ms. Pardalis revived Greylock’s Multicultural Student Union (GMSU), which was first created by Mrs. MacDonald. The purpose of GMSU is to bring both an appreciation and an understanding of other cultures and races.

“We want to try and have courageous conversations about race and promote diversity through different avenues,” explained Ms. Pardalis. The goal of the aforementioned conversations is to give a voice to various cultures and ethnicities that make up Greylock, which in turn will educate the rest of the faculty and student body.

Along with creating avenues of discussion, GSMU hopes to hold a Heritage Festival to celebrate differing population’s customs and to have various speakers promote racial and societal acceptance.