New Officers Emphasize Inclusion in Future Plans

Ava Simon and Eva Myers

Student government elections were held this week for grades 8-11, and both new and old faces have been chosen to represent the student body.

Jennah Simpson (the upcoming 9th Grade Treasurer) remarked that she is most excited for “the ability to have an impact,” and said that “I’m excited to learn a little bit more about what the job entails.”

“I feel like in middle school kids have less of a voice,” Simpson noted.

Upcoming junior class Vice President Aurora Bullet is focused on the organizational aspects of the student government.

“I love to plan out trips and events down to the smallest detail because I like being in control of situations and knowing that even if something goes wrong I will be able to fix it because I always have a backup plan,” the Vice President said.

“I think it is important for students to be involved in student government because politics dictates the way we live our lives to a certain extent. As Americans, it is our duty to vote and involve ourselves in politics so that we have a say in who represents our needs as a nation. Anyone who chooses not to vote or involve themselves with politics is not only hurting themselves but also others. One person alone cannot stand up for our rights as a nation, but if we all stand together we make an impact.” With a similar tone, Bullet hopes that with fellow student and upcoming president of her class Alex Wilson, many other students can be included to make straightforward decisions.

Alex Morin, the upcoming senior class President, explained that he is “excited for all of the aspects of the job… One thing that stands out though is working with the other officers to make sure senior year is as best as possible for everyone within the class.”

Like the others, Morin emphasized inclusion as a part of his leading style by “work[ing] with other members of the class. Their ideas are most important to me. I am elected to serve the people of the senior class.”

Close in position to Morin, Anna Welch, senior class Vice President, also hopes to represent the wishes of the student body. “it’s important for people to get involved because this is our life and our year and if we want to make a difference then we have to be involved it’s the only way! Everyone seriously has valuable ideas and qualities that they bring to the table and it’s just a matter of realizing that they have them in learning how to integrate them into the solution to any problem.”