Seventh Grade Takes Part in “Curating a Culture of Respect”

Ava Howard, Staff Writer

Since 2015, seventh graders at Mount Greylock have participated in a program called “Curating a Culture of Respect.” This initiative was first started in hopes to enhance understanding of art in middle schoolers, while connecting this understanding to the world as a whole. The museums involved include the Clark Art Institute, Mass MoCa, and the Williams College Museum of Art. Seventh graders have the opportunity to visit these museums and learn more about the art they house. Organizer of the program and trips, seventh grade social studies teacher, Ellen Kaiser, said, “The goal is to introduce students to the artist’s perspective and their idea to make a change in the world.”

Every year the program has a different focus, with this year’s primary focus being on perspective and how one perceives things through art. It is specifically focussing on work done by Iraqi-American artist Michael Rakowitz. Rakowitz is best known for art displayed outside of the gallery. Students will be exploring Rakowitz recreation of interpreted historical artifacts that were ultimately destroyed. With all of the pieces created out of paper, Kaiser said “Rakowitz mission is to recreate the artifacts almost like ghosts.” 

The entire seventh grade will be traveling to WCMA on Friday to explore Rakowitz exhibit and learn more about ancient civilization. Kaiser hopes to continue the program and keep having the opportunity to teach more about art and the importance it has on our daily lives.  Rakowitz will be taking part in a panel discussing this exhibition on November 6th, 6pm, at Griffin Hall in Williamstown.