Woodbury, Project 351 Organize Food Drive


Photo courtesy of Owen

A poster advertising the drive hangs in the foyer.

Emma Sandstrom, Staff Writer

Project 351 is a nonprofit leadership program constructed to promote youth service in Massachusetts, following the values of kindness, compassion, humility, and gratitude. As the programs founder Carolyn Casey explains on Project 351’s website, “Project 351 is an independent nonprofit organization that builds a movement of youth-led service by engaging an unsung hero from each of Massachusetts’ 351 cities and towns.”

The Echo got a chance to meet with one of Mount Greylock’s “unsung heroes,” sophomore Malina Woodbury. 

As an eighth grader, Woodbury was selected to join the program, and was assigned tasks of service to bring back to Berkshire County. She has been a returning alum for the past two years as well. 

She said she loves the program. “It’s a truly great program to be in,” Woodbury said. “You get together to learn leadership skills and you do many service projects throughout the year for your communities.”

Regarding past assignments, Woodbury explained that “every spring they collect clothing for children who can’t afford it and we donate to local shelters of our choice. We also have a 9/11 service where we collect food and items for troops overseas and some people go to Boston to work with the community.”

Project 351’s current project is their fall service, where they collect non perishable food for a food drive, hence the many posters decorating our halls. The donation bin is in the office, so students can drop of goods there.

Although the program assigns dates for the service projects, the students themselves put their leadership and stamina to the test when they have to choose how they want to carry out their assignment and who they want to help. Although being a part of the group is a fun way to meet new people, it can also be a challenge, Woodbury said.

She explained that her chosen platform, social media, has proven to be quite successful and she has already acquired seven boxes worth of items to donate. She plans on finding a local shelter to her benefit.