Inside Greylock’s Fit Club

Ava Howard, Staff Writer

Mount Greylock’s Fit Club offers student athletes an opportunity to stay in shape in the off-season. Students can join coaches Brian Gill and Robert Jutras on morning workouts or after school routines. The club, Gill is proud to say, has been around for “probably eight years, maybe nine, and more and more kids have … been joining us each year.” 

The large group of students, grades seven through twelve, seems to be one of the most attractive elements of Fit Club – here, rather than alone at the gym, students have a supportive group working out along with them. “There is something about doing that suffering [of working out] together,” said Gill. 

Jutras said that “kids are able to take it to the next level compared to what the see in their gym class and [they] can spark more of an interest and learn more about fitness.” 

A typical afternoon in fit club starts off with a warmup or fun team activity outside of the weight room. Then, members and coaches begin their workout of the day, which can come in many forms, from a metabolic condition workout to a specific strength workout. Regardless of the workout, the coaches always promote the goal of the club: healthy and safe working out. 

Fit Club has significant benefits for students. Not only can members stay in shape, but they are able to learn about strength and conditioning, all with a team backing them up. 

Gill said, “We are trying to create a fitness culture where students truly want to workout, not because we make them do it, but they want to workout for themselves.”