Club Spotlight: Junior Classical League

Mount Greylock, though well known for its wide variety of sports teams, is also lucky to offer many diverse clubs and programs. With the Job Action finally finished, students and teachers are kicking into high gear to prepare to reestablish these clubs. There are many different choices for students, from Youth Environmental Squad to Mount Greylock’s wonderful theater program. But one of the biggest and most popular clubs offered at Mount Greylock is Junior Classical League, or JCL.

The JCL is open for middle and high schoolers, and participates in many different events throughout the year, coming together with other JCL clubs for tournaments, competitions, and conventions. These conventions range from small gatherings to the JCL National Convention, which members attended this past June. This year’s JCL President is senior Katrina Hotaling, and the club’s advisor is English teacher Mr. Davis, who took over after the passing of one of Mount Greylock’s beloved Latin teachers, Ms. Keeley. For those who aren’t familiar with JCL, it is a club “for the advancement and enjoyment of the study of classics and the classical world, both Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome”, as Davis explained rather eloquently. “It is the sort of club that you get when you take a whole bunch of people who are enthusiastic about some amazing things and let them go nuts and create whatever they want.”

The JCL is open for anyone who would like to learn more about “culture, history, religion, customs, and just all sorts of wackiness,” in Davis’s words. For more information about the club, visit Mount Greylock’s JCL website or the Mass JCL webpage. Contact Mr. Davis or Katrina Hotaling with questions about how to get involved, or wait for the upcoming Club Fair for more information about when the club will be meeting.