Thoughtful Thursday: Journaling

Clara McWeeny, Managing Editor

Welcome back to Thoughtful Thursdays! This week, instead of suggesting a novel or picture book, we’re suggesting a tip to help you maintain some sanity in this stressful time. Journaling! And this doesn’t just mean recording a stream of consciousness. Journaling can come in any form. Whether it’s looking up prompts on the internet, or writing down one thing you are grateful for each day, it’s a great way to get out of your own head and process some of your thoughts. When we’re not having as much outward interaction (going to school, seeing our friends, playing sports) it can be easy to spiral into a destructive mental state. Journaling allows you to really see your thoughts out on paper, and even begin to make sense of them. 

Another reason to take up a journal is to document this historic moment. Paste in newspaper headlines and photographs of empty streets, or write about eerily quiet trips to the grocery store. Write down things your family is doing to keep themselves busy or your daily quarantine schedule. Anyway you can try to capture a snapshot of the state of the world right now. Who knows, one day your journal may be used as a historical document!

 Grab some paper and pencil and get journaling!