“Fall II” Recap


Photo Courtesy of the Berkshire Eagle

Although many fall sports were postponed earlier this year, they got a second chance to compete in a newly created “Fall II” season. The season started at the end of the winter sports season and overlapped with the beginning of the spring sports season. 

Each team had pods of 5-10 athletes who practiced together throughout the season. Every player was required to wear face masks throughout each practice and game. There was no postseason for these Fall II sports, although some teams had a chance to compete in a county-wide tournament. 

This year, football had a young team with not many players. There was no J.V. team, and there were only three seniors out of the 15 athletes. They only had one game which was against Hoosac. Hoosac won with 44-8. Freshman and Varsity quarterback Ben McDonough said, “It was rocky but it was fun. It was a good experience…it was disappointing because we only had one game and we were scheduled to have four or five. The other ones got cancelled because of injuries and low numbers. In the fall with more numbers I think we will have a great team.”

The girls soccer team competed in fourteen games this season of which they won 10. They made it to the Berkshire County championship, where they lost to Wachonah 2-0. Striker and senior Elizabeth Dupras led them through the season with 10 goals and three assists, while senior captain Delaney Babcock boasted a number of shutouts. 

The boys soccer team also had a very positive season. They won nine games, lost one game and tied one. The team defeated rival Pittsfield to win the Berkshire County championship. Freshman Cedric Lemaire led them with eight goals and three assists. 

The girls volleyball team had an outstanding year, winning thirteen out of fifteen games. They lost in the Berkshire County semi-finals to a strong Lenox team. Senior captain Emma Hayward said, “We had an incredible season. We were grateful in the first place to even have a real season. We just had a lot of fun. I’ve never been on a team that has such good chemistry before.”

Each team was able to make the most of the season despite an unpredictable year.